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From a Million Ideas to Making Moves

Are you overwhelmed with enthusiasm for a million ideas? So many of my clients share your dilemma. Your minds are overflowing with good ideas that you so desperately want to put into the world. But it can be hard to get traction. Just like any area of life where you want to make progress and be successful, you have to have a plan.
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8 Tools to Check Out Before Your Next Team Meeting

Team meetings usually go one of two ways: epic or boring. And your team's physical presence does not always indicate that they're mentally engaged. So before you have your next brainstorm session, check out these 8 tools. They'll bring structure, excitement and engagement to your meetings for sure.
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Why Your Small Business Needs an Advisory Board In Your First 3 Months

Are you focused on the daily grind of starting your business? Do you have a group of people you can call for honest advice and feedback? If not, find out 4 reasons why you need to start building your advisory board today.
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