Books on Books on Books {Friday High-Fives}

Friday High-Fives is a weekly roundup of articles & other fun stuff from the interwebs that I liked enough to share with you. Enjoy the link love. This week's edition, Books on Books on Books, includes:

  1. 50 Unique bookstores
  2. Vintage library posters
  3. Three writing apps
  4. A cookbook you can literally cook
  5. Random Bob Ross

From a Million Ideas to Making Moves

Kristen Green Consulting | How to create your launch in 5 days

Are you overwhelmed with a million ideas? So many of my clients share your dilemma. Your minds are overflowing with good ideas that you so desperately want to put into the world. But it can be hard to get traction. Just like any area of life where you want to make progress and be successful, you have to have a plan.