From a Million Ideas to Making Moves

Kristen Green Consulting | How to create your launch in 5 days

Are you overwhelmed with a million ideas? So many of my clients share your dilemma. Your minds are overflowing with good ideas that you so desperately want to put into the world. But it can be hard to get traction. Just like any area of life where you want to make progress and be successful, you have to have a plan. 

Do Not Fear.

You’ve made it. You’re now part of a movement much larger than yourself. You can take a deep breath. Your application has been reviewed. You’ve been found worthy andinvited to a program that will change your life – if you so choose.

A View of Their Own.

The premise of holding a live event isn’t daunting because of the logistics or the public speaking aspect. It’s more like I’ve discovered this magnificent view, but only those who are willing to weather the journey can fully enjoy the grandeur and beauty of this newfound place.


Atlanta is my home. I love it for so many reasons, especially the people. So when I see my fellow citizens of Atlanta enduring injustice and hardship, it breaks my heart. But a broken heart with no action is useless.

Will I Go?

These are all large decisions that I started down the path to pursue at some point in my life. I was going to start a nonprofit that acted as a “greenhouse” for children where they could be nurtured and grow. I was going to move to Cambodia for a year to work in an orphanage. I was a Marine Corps Officer candidate, but then I decided to not move forward with pursuing a commission.

Who will Kodak be?

Kodak is an example of a company that didn’t look around enough to see the changes that were imminent. Worse still, once change happened they pivoted in the wrong direction. They lost sight of who they were and have been failing to find their way back to their glory days ever since.

My Biggest Constraint is Me.

On June 19, I put myself on the line and declared my goal to, “Create compelling humanitarian content that provokes people to move from inaction to action on behalf of those in need.” It sounds like a lofty goal, and since then I’ve been marinating on how to bring this goal and passion to life.

I'm Learning to Pause.

I’ve always been averse to the thought of salesmanship. I find it slimy, underhanded, dishonest and cheesy. I prefer to tell the whole truth in an authentic and engaging way. To me selling equated to lying. But as usual altMBA has changed the way that I frame my views. Seth posits, “I define selling as the transference of emotion… Selling is a human being saying to another human being I believe in this.” That’s a stance on selling that I can get behind.

No Flex Zone.

The structure of the Marine Corps is clearly defined. There are no questions as to where people rank based on tenure and experience. From insignia patches to brass on the collar, Marines are taught and expected to show respect and deference to those whose role outranks their own.

Hot or Cold? You Decide.

The concept of global warming can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Awareness is half of the battle. So, if small changes in your daily routine could make an impact – would you step up on behalf of the polar bears? Discover how choosing between hot or cold can be a small step in the right direction for climate change.