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From a Million Ideas to Making Moves

I love working with passionate people. The energy that they bring to our conversations is contagious. Their enthusiasm is so incredible because the world often lacks that today. I feel people do their best work when they're passionately invested in the outcome. 

So many of the people that I've met and consulted with are enthusiastic about so many things. Their hearts are overflowing with good ideas that they so desperately want to put into the world. I love getting to help them make these ideas reality. But as with anything that's productive, you have to have a plan. 

One of the all-time greats, Michael Phelps, didn't just show up to the pool one day and dog paddle his way to gold-medal-greatness.

Michael had a plan, a coach and a fiery mission in his heart that drove his every move. This construct of rigor and focus is what I offer to my clients. I listen whole-heartedly as they pour their precious ideas onto the table. I take notes and begin to synthesize a game plan while keeping in the center of my mind the "why" behind their drive. This "why" will be the fuel that keeps them going on the hard days. So it's a very important part of the plan. 

After they've had a chance to get everything out, I take notice of the patterns and give them a chance to breathe. Then I focus them in on what's important, and we take it step-by-step. Just like a coach, I begin to know their strengths and weaknesses. With this information, I can know how to best support and fill in their gaps and where to focus the spotlight, so they make the greatest impact with their idea.

Making the most of your innovative ideas is my priority. The world needs to know your name and your story. They need to feel your impact in the world.

I've created a workbook to take you from idea to launch in 5 days. Your ideas are valuable, doable and worth pursuing. That's why I created this workbook. It's a fraction of the cost of a coaching session, but it gives you access to the same process I walk my clients through. Plus, you can revisit this workbook anytime you need to kickstart an idea! You ready to make progress? Because you've got this! Download your workbook to get started today.