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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Squarespace Template


Shiny, new websites.

They're so pretty, right?

I know. Lots of my clients get attached to a Squarespace template long before they've thoroughly considered their options. But you should think it through first. 

Is this template a good fit for you?
Can you customize it to your needs?
Does it have all the bells and whistles that your content requires?

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before picking your Squarespace template.
Trust me, it'll make your life a lot easier later.


1. What are your content needs?

Do you want to create an online shop where people can buy your paintings? Do you want fans to be able to listen to your latest song? Do you need to share your restaurant's daily menu?

These are all really important considerations.
What business purposes does your website need to serve?

Whether it's an online shop, a functionality to play a specific type of media or a frequently updated content piece, your website should easily fit these needs. Trying to tweak a template that isn't suitable to your needs is more work than it's worth.


2. Do you have your own imagery?

The benefit of having original photography of you and your product deserves a post of its own. But for choosing a template, consider what you have now.

Do you have big, beautiful product shots? Do you have nice headshots? If not, don't pick a template that requires large imagery to really make an impact.

There are lots of Squarepace templates now that are copy-focused. So you can have a beautiful site without having to break the bank initially on a photo shoot.


3. Do you want your logo front & center?

While the majority of Squarepace templates can feature your logo, some are better suited for this approach. If having your unique mark on the homepage and across the site is important, consider the features of your logo. 

Does it look best on a white or black background? Does it contain colors? Is it a unique font or shape? All of these elements of your brand's mark should be complimented by the template, not competing with it.


4. What's your aesthetic?

While your logo is important, consider the rest of your brand's look and feel. What are your colors? Are you soft and light or dark and bold in your photography? Do you have serif or sans serif type? Consider all of the elements of your brand as a family. 

Now step back.

Does this template fit with your family of brand elements?
Don't sacrifice your brand for a template. 


5. How often will you update your website?

This is a really important question. A lot of my clients have the best of intentions when they're starting out. They want to post to their blog 3 times a week, but they often don't consider the time and effort that takes to maintain.

So be honest and realistic with yourself.

How often will you update content? If it's often, then find a template that will feature your latest posts om the homepage.

If you can't commit to frequent updates, that's fine. Just choose a template that has an elegant approach to static information.

Why these 5 questions are worth your time.

Squarespace has a beautiful selection of templates to choose from. As a member of the Squarespace Circle Forum for designers, I am constantly seeing the improvements and upgrades being made to the platform. While all of this is fantastic (and why I use Squarespace), it won't make your website magical if you don't have a content plan. 

So work through these questions.
Write down your answers.
And then pick a template that suits your needs.

If you need help deciding on which Squarespace template is right for you, send me a note.