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A bottle of rosé and an epic dance party of one {Friday High-Fives}


This is my weekly roundup.
Enjoy the link love & have a fantastic 4th of July weekend!


This TED talk by Anne Lamott is making the rounds lately. It's a witty, insightful and heart-warming look at the things that matter in life. → 12 Truths I learned from life and writing


A lover of rosé? With a transparent pricing approach similar to Everlane, this limited batch Rosé may be your new jam. → Alit Wines


With 4th of July next week, here's an app to turn your phone into a manual camera. This way you can catch all those fireworks in their full glory. → Manual for iPhone


A great reminder that excellent customer service is about having a meaningful conversation with people. → How Would You Respond If Asked: "What Time is the 3 o’clock Parade?"


If you're a fan of Sia or Maddie Ziegler's dance style, then you'll thoroughly enjoy this very weird but very cool perfume ad.