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The Yakety Yak Edition {Friday High-Fives}


This is my weekly roundup.
Enjoy the link love & have a fantastic weekend!


When it's not your time to shine on stage, here's how to introduce someone in a fashion worthy of a mic drop. → How to Memorably Introduce Another Speaker


Most folks don't enjoy public speaking. To help you get past all the "umms" and awkward stumbles, check out the Orai app. It uses artificial intelligence to offer improvements and insights into your speech. → Orai


Forget typing up your meeting notes. This app has you covered. → Cassette


Need to add a little ambience? How about forest wind while you read a good book? Or what about cocktail voices during your next party? → Noises Online


Often, the times you need to speak up the most can be the hardest. This brilliant invention helps you stay safe in unsafe situations. This is a great use of technology, friends. → Roar for Good