5 Content Strategy Tools I Use

Many of you have asked me about tools that I have use or recommend. I've jotted down my thoughts on the list of 5 that I use most frequently. 

Blaze is a content analysis tool. I've used it for a few different projects, and it's super useful for pulling an initial inventory and setting up your audit infrastructure. Simply enter your URL, and it produces an interactive spreadsheet of data that it finds.

Content Insights 
Content Insights is a company with a Content Analysis Tool (CAT) that is similar to Blaze. It will pull your initial inventory and let you set up an audit structure. I've used it a few times and found it a useful asset. Again, the biggest win for both Blaze and CAT are the time and energy saved not manually cataloging a large website. Plus, they often find hidden pages and things that you might not know exist otherwise.

GatherContent has been the most invaluable tool I've used across multiple projects. It's a content planning and production tool that eliminates the need (and headache) of tracking writing, content creation, process and workflow in word documents and spreadsheets. If you're managing a large amount of content across a team, I'd highly suggest giving it a test drive. 

Readability Test Tool
Read-able comes in handy when auditing. It gives a range of grading scales that can be used to assess the quality and level of writing. It adds that objective layer of scrutiny that is very useful when auditing copywriting.

This is another inventory tool. It's nowhere near as robust as Blaze or CAT, but it is free and can be downloaded to your computer. It works in a pinch, but be sure to note that it caps the number of pages it will pull for you. 

Also, the Content Marketing Institute just released a 49-page guide on 13 different content collaboration tools. If you're looking for a deep dive into your options, it's a great resource. 

Lastly, I wanted to share some of my go-to content reads. 

The Content Strategist is published by the folks at Contently. It is a good source of inspiration and continual learning about the best ways to tackle content strategy.

Refinery29 Intelligence is a behind-the-scenes look at how the company tests and optimizes their content based on data.

A List Apart is another great resource. They have a range of topics, and they often post about content strategy.

I hope you find these resources useful in your work. Feel free to send ideas, questions and thoughts my way.