A View of Their Own.

The premise of holding a live event isn’t daunting because of the logistics or the public speaking aspect. It’s more like I’ve discovered this magnificent view, but only those who are willing to weather the journey can fully enjoy the grandeur and beauty of this newfound place.

How do I get people from day one to day thirty-one in a few hours?

There’s no way to fully explain the altMBA experience to people.

I’ve gone snorkeling among beautiful coral reefs, but my words would never do these natural wonders justice. I’ve had the opportunity to travel abroad, but my stories alone will never transport people in the same way that firsthand experiences will.

But does it have to?

Instead of feeling the burden to help them get across the finish line, maybe I focus on showing them the map of how to get there. The journey will be their own, and the beauty of that newly discovered view will be even more precious when it’s theirs.

With that in mind, I have a few ideas for the focus of my live event.

1) Introducing ATL 1X1 as a way to demonstrate what I learned throughout the course of the altMBA program. Plus, it would give me a chance to launch my passion project in person to an Atlanta-based audience.

2) Create a talk composed of the most salient points of altMBA from my perspective.

Logistically speaking, I want to find an intimate setting to hold the event. I want people to feel included in the conversation. They should be participants, not passengers – just like altMBA.

I’m excited to articulate and refine this event over the coming days. I will share the event details and outcome on my personal site, kristenreneegreen.com, if you’d like to follow along.