Week 2 of altMBA: Strip clubs, missions & cold water

We're over halfway through the altMBA. Considering my initial trepidation about starting the course, I consider that an accomplishment on its own.  

We switch learning teams each week, so the flavor, pace and dynamic is constantly reinventing itself. It was a great week of learning to abandon assumptions for me. Things that seem easy can be daunting and vice versa. Plus, people will often surprise you in the best of ways. 

This past week was a different cadence than the first, which was refreshing. Like I said, each team has its own flow and feel to it. My time spent chatting and collaborating with GregBen and Ryan was great. They challenged me to rethink prompts and ideas in ways I would've never considered on my own, and they even prayed for me when I was sick (that was such an unexpected but extremely encouraging event).

Week 2 of altMBA resulted in me writing an open letter about strip clubs from a viewpoint in opposition to my own; a raw piece on my reflections on my missions work; and a team project about the benefits of washing your undies in cold water

The further into the course I get, the more I see things differently. My initial "itch" to get into this course wasn't something that I could articulate. I just felt it was something I couldn't put off for later. And I'm glad I didn't. I keep reassessing my views, shifting my framework and learning that things don't have to be either or. Sometimes, AND is the right answer. 

Each day finds me continually searching for my "what for" in life. But the more I dig, the more conversations I have with peers, the more I seek – the more I feel the need to listen and be still. I'm learning so much, but sometimes the leaps that we imagine we need are not what we may have envisioned. 

Obviously this class is stretching me, and that's why I signed up. Still learning, still growing. Still lots to discover. Here's to approaching week 3 with arms and ears wide open.