Week 3 of altMBA: Structures, Pauses & Hurdles.

While the time has been intense, it's surreal to think that altMBA is drawing to a close soon. The further the program has gone on, the harder it has been. That shouldn't be surprising though. Night is darkest before the dawn, right? 

I've learned there's a big difference between stretching yourself and putting yourself into a situation that will stretch you. I stretched myself by applying to altMBA (with no expectation of being accepted). But the altMBA is stretching me – uncomfortably so. But that was what I wanted when I set out on this ambiguous journey.

Some of the prompts for week 3 flowed and came easier than others. My work with the Marine Corps provided a great opportunity to describe structures, ranks and relationships. My aversion to salesmanship led to some new insights about pausing to listen to others more. And I was even able to see and admit that I am getting in my own way more than anything else.

But I've been paralyzed by a few of the more recent prompts and struggled to come up with ideas to address the subjects. There were nights that I started at the computer screen trying to formulate thoughts with no success. I was almost brought to tears a few times, because I'm not used to being stuck or overwhelmed to the point of silence. My words rarely fail me.

But when I abandoned the idea of what I should say, the words began to gush out of me. They weren't flowery, pretty words. It was the raw truth

As a professed procrastinator, I want to take all of this momentum of altMBA and build a system that ensures I don't lose the progress and power of these intense weeks. Stay tuned as I navigate what that looks like in these final projects and posts.