Week 4 of altMBA: Thinking versus doing.

It's so easy to talk about ideas, grandiose plans and big dreams of changing the world. It's much, much harder to take even 5% of those ideas and put them into action. 

This fourth and final week of altMBA started off slowly for me with a post that was more fact than feeling. But our next two projects took me to a different place – a raw, vulnerable place inside of myself. It felt awkward and difficult at the time, because I'm not too keen on sharing my innermost feelings with folks that I don't know (much less the entire world via the interwebs). But I pushed through.

For our big project of the week, we were tasked with creating a 3-minute video that prompted people to create change. After struggling for hours upon hours deciding what to do, it finally clicked. 

My passion to help others combined with my love for ATL led me to both answer the prompt and start progress on my goal of creating content for humanitarian change. After agonizing over decisions, ATL 1X1 was born. 

I was moved from indecision to action. The idea crystallized, and I moved. I crafted a script. I refined it. I workshopped it with my amazing team. I built a website. I started to ideate on who I'll interview.

It became real. 

But it only became real when I stopped talking about it and did it. That part is the hardest. Transitioning from banter, ideas and what could be to movement

Yes, it could always be better. That's why you iterate on it once it's live. But you must publish. You must ship. You have to deliver. Because you can refine, ideate and brainstorm yourself into an oblivion, while the world unknowingly misses your beautiful contribution. 

So, whatever idea it is that you're sitting on. Whatever you've written down in one of your many, fancy notebooks. Whatever nuggets of gold are tucked away in Evernote. GO DO IT. 

No more waiting. No more guessing. Take the first step, however small, today.

I did. And I can't wait to see where it goes.