Atlanta is my home. I love it for so many reasons, especially the people. So when I see my fellow citizens of Atlanta enduring injustice and hardship, it breaks my heart. But a broken heart with no action is useless.

So I’ve set out to inform my fellow citizens of Atlanta about problems that we can impact in our own city. We only need to step up and make change 1X1 – One person, one day, one city block at a time.

I want to see all of the citizens of Atlanta take it upon themselves to do what they can for one person. If we all make incremental change for one individual, the impact will be exponential.

It’s time to rise up, ATL. It’s time to make change 1X1.

To get involved, you can visit ATL1X1.ORG.


My heart is so full of excitement, joy and anticipation as I write this. Within 24 hours the start of a movement, much larger than myself, has begun. ATL 1X1 has already received 3 nominations for changemakers!

Cannot say thank you enough to all of my peers throughout this process that have led me to the fruition of this passion project. Words can’t adequately express my gratitude, and you’re too far away to hug. But know that I sincerely thank you all for your part in this journey that is only just beginning.

Let’s go!!!!