My Biggest Constraint is Me.

On June 19, I put myself on the line and declared my goal to, “Create compelling humanitarian content that provokes people to move from inaction to action on behalf of those in need.” It sounds like a lofty goal, and since then I’ve been marinating on how to bring this goal and passion to life.

I’ve been inspired by others who have created the ripple of change and positivity that I seek to make. People like Esther Havens who chose to show people’s strength instead of weakness and literally changed the face of fundraising. She didn’t show yet another shot of tears and sadness but faces of strength and joy. Or people like Jeremy Cowart and Kyle Chowning who created Help Portrait to empower communities to give dignity, memories and a gift to those who didn’t have the luxury of capturing special moments in their lives.

These examples of reinventing the face of need and change fill me with such joy and excitement. I, too, want to create this type of game-changing change. I want to create a movement for action, good, right and sincere love for those in need. But I don’t want the story to be one of guilt or sadness or obligation. I want the movement to be one of shared understanding, mutual benefit and growth for everyone involved.

So when I set up my goal of creating this type of platform for change, I knew that there would be hurdles, barriers, constraints and challenges. As soon as an idea is birthed, these things readily flood the mind in droves.

Some of the potential constraints of my project are:

  • What if no one cares?
  • How do I provide value, dignity and purpose to the people in need?
  • What if no one is onboard?
  • What if the project is overlooked?
  • What if it’s just more noise in the grand scheme of helping others?
  • How do I connect storytelling with action?

This list of constraints could grow and grow, but what I see as I take the time to explore the constraints is a theme – fear of the unknown. None of the constraints that I can think of are related to tangible things. Price, scarcity, goods – none of these are relevant (yet) in my project. I think the biggest constraint is myself and the limitations and fears that I’m imposing on my idea. I need to get out of my own way by penning a plan that articulates each step that will lead to the launch date. If it fails miserably, I can freak out and regroup then. But there’s no need to postpone or derail my idea, while I rack up more reasons to fear.

So, I’m sticking to the plan of launching a platform of content that moves people to action. I want to shine a light on those in need that gives them dignity, empowers them to move forward and allows others to encourage and join in on that journey of progress.

  • Constraint: Myself
  • Plan to remove constraint: Articulate a step-by-step plan to launch

Aside from constraints, what would this project look like if we were to grow well beyond me? What would it look like if this became an actual movement? I think it could be a community-based model that would empower people to take action in teams. I need to dream bigger than myself and build a system that would scale to arm multitudes for action (drawing inspiration from the models of Help Portrait and Creative Mornings). Part of my step-by-step plan is to consider how the program can scale to enable more change.

So I need to get out of my own way and build a program that would enable others to be leaders of this movement in the future.

I’m moving forward. Stay tuned.


I function as my own constraint, because there’s only one of me on planet earth. No one can bring my dreams to fruition but me. When I cripple myself with fear I become my own impediment. So, I’ll only be able to make this idea bigger and better if I share it. I have to be willing to voice my idea into being and make it tangible, accessible and shareable.

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by a group of encouragers and challengers through altMBA who will spur me on to ever greater heights. I’m holding myself accountable to articulate the first phase of my plan on paper for myself by Sunday, July 12 at midnight. Onward.