A Foodie App Review: Sprig


The brilliant and creative minds of San Francisco have launched yet another cool concept, Sprig. The dinner-on-demand app provides an affordable and delicious dinner to your doorstep for $12, and that price includes delivery, tax and tip! The menu changes daily and has three dinner options. The yummy eats are prepared by a former Google executive chef, and we all know the rumored deliciousness that comes out of the Google cafeteria. So, I just placed my first order - Italian Sausage Pasta Bake. 

I immediately received an update via text and 5 minutes later was updated that Emily was on her way with my dinner. She even brought me a complimentary truffle. Yum! The dinner was hot, tasted delicious and couldn't have been simpler. I will definitely be ordering from Sprig again. If you live in SF, definitely give them a try!