Sweeter than honey

In a world full of darkness, bitterness, confusion and chaos, our Savior beckons us with words sweeter than honey and assurance of a bright future with Him. 

Yet I'm often bogged down by the weight of things that I can't (and shouldn't attempt to) control. Instead of resting in God's promise to never leave or forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6 & Hebrews 13:5), I wrestle for control of a future that I can't see or predict. My efforts, although strenuous, are futile. But still He whispers for me to come close and rest in His presence and His word. He has understanding that awaits me if only I'll seek it. He'll light the path ahead of me, if only I'll look to Him. Worrying about or attempting to construct the path ahead of me doesn't accomplish anything. He plainly tells me, 

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? ... Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
— Matthew 6:27, 34

So my humble prayer is that I live each day fully aware of Him. I want to be present in this moment – To seek His guidance, His wisdom and His way with each conversation and action that I take. The future will indeed come, but I need not plan or fret about it so much that I miss the very day that my feet are planted in.

A series of todays is what the future is made of. As long as I am making Him my first love each day, the future is not some thing I need to fear or strategize. One of my favorite quotes about time is from C.S. Lewis.

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.
— C.S. Lewis

As I place more trust in His ways, His plans and Him, I realize more of my humanness and strive less to control time. Time is a constant that my stress and strivings will not alter. But the good news is that I can sit in the presence of my Heavenly Father soaking in His words sweeter than honey, gaining understanding from His principles and letting His word shine the light for my path. No need to struggle about thoughts of the future. No need to fret about what tomorrow may or may not hold. There is only He and I and His words that are sweeter than honey. And that's all I need.