I decided to abandon fear and procrastination. Then they said, "Welcome to altMBA."

The logo is the work of Lisa Brawn.

The logo is the work of Lisa Brawn.

A few weeks ago, I was reading Seth Godin's daily emails per the usual. He's so insightful, inspiring and challenging on the regular, but this day's post was different. Instead of hiding behind my MacBook and absorbing, I felt a beckoning to which I needed to respond. 

What Seth was proposing is called the altMBA. It's, "a community focused on learning together, a connected, virtual group of ruckusmakers in search of doing work that matters." I attempted to shrug off the tingly feeling that it gave me, but I couldn't. By that afternoon I had decided to apply to the program. "What do I have to lose?" was my mantra. I didn't have expectations to be accepted. The program was only open to 100 people, and the applications were going global. I shielded my pride and protected my fear of the unknown by telling myself that I wouldn't be chosen.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I received an email welcoming me to the group. Say what? I'm in? This is happening? With fear, anxiety, excitement, apprehension, happy nervousness and a massive amount of expectation, I accepted my slot and paid my tuition.

A short while after that a box full of inspiring literature arrived at my doorstop. It was like the first day of school with a fresh set of books and an immense universe of possibilities. 

I know that the course will be challenging in ways that I have probably never experienced either professionally or personally. But I do know that many of my defining moments have been some of the hardest. I'm going to trust the process. 

As time and sleep deprivation permit, I'll be posting on the process here occasionally. My peers and I will be shipping work on altMBA. You can also follow along via Twitter.

My first assignment is live, and my future posts will live here

We officially kick off on June 15, and I can't wait to see what this unique collaboration among eager souls brings to life.

Let's do this.  

altMBA Reading List

Based on a few requests, I've listed below the books that I used in the inaugural class of altMBA. I'm not sure if the same materials are still being used for the current iterations. But if you're curious, here's a list of what the first class read.