What's the process? 


Jargon and fancy marketing language aren't helpful. 

Coffee, doughnuts & confetti definitely are!

So, let's break down how creating a brand story fits into the process of launching your business.

Step 1: Eureka!

Your brilliant idea comes to you in the shower. You have a grand vision for what your business could be, and you set out to bring your idea to life.

Step 2: Fine Print

Many people dread or avoid this part. But to be a legit business you need to fill out some paperwork. So find a good attorney that understands your business and give a CPA a call.

Step 3: Create your brand story

This is where Kristen comes in! Together, we'll discover why your business exists, why it matters to folks and how you'll stand apart from the crowd. From branding to messaging, we'll create a story that will resonate with your audience and help your business grow. 

With Kristen as your partner:

– You have access to a network of designers, developers & creatives
– You have someone who understands industry standards & lingo
– You have access to over 10+ years of agency experience  

Step 4: Design

A brilliant idea on a napkin will only take you so far. So, you'll need an inspired designer and smart copywriter to take your idea to the next level.

Step 5: Develop

Your brand message is clear. Your logo is beautiful. Now, it's time to take your story to the world. Whether it's Squarespace or Shopify, you'll need to create a digital presence with the help of an experienced web developer.

Step 6: Launch Party

It's time to pop the bubbly! You've gone from an idea to a plan to a business. Give yourself a high-five. You did it!