See what people have to say about working with Kristen Green, owner of Kristen Green Consulting, LLC.


Kristen's writing style is clear, conversational and compelling. She is extremely responsive to requests, she meets deadlines with ease and she can turn out articles quickly and accurately. If you're looking for a solid writer or employee, you've found her. 

– Alexis Monson, Managing Editor, Brit + Co // Co-founder, Punkpost (2015)


Working with Kristen has been an absolute delight & her approach to content & brand strategy has been invaluable to starting my own business. I came to Kristen just a few short months ago with a very high level (and extremely unorganized) "dream" of starting a blog, but was lost in terms of where to start and how to focus my efforts most effectively. This dream that I had been pondering for years, is now a reality - all thanks to Kristen. She took my "big idea" and helped me refine it down to a solid plan, creating stepping stones and key objectives for me to work against, which ultimately made my dream feel much more achievable. She also helped me create my own website, using SquareSpace, which I couldn’t be more pleased with. Kristen is a friend, a trusted advisor, an expert in her field and a true cheerleader for both you & your business. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to bring their "big idea" to life.

– Megan Janus, Blooming Flourishes


Kristen has been an invaluable resource and support to me on my journey to starting my first non-profit. She provides guidance when I need it most, and she's so very passionate about her work and helping others to make their dreams come to life. She's extremely smart, strategic, innovative, intuitive, and the list of descriptive positive adjectives goes on forever. Outside of her sheer brain power and pulse on the industry, she is one of the most genuine, kind, good-to-the-core people you will ever meet. She's a mentor to trust. A friend to lean on. And my "big idea" would only be an idea if I didn't have her. I look forward to the day I can have her stand up somewhere on some stage beside me and thank her for helping me get to where I am. If you have the opportunity or slightest inkling that you think Kristen is someone you would want to work with, or have as your consultant - the answer is always "yes." You and your business and big idea will forever be grateful for it. Mark my words. Onward. And upward.

– Sarah Carlson, Founder of Good for Goodness Sake 


When facing any digital project, Kristen is a teammate I'd want on my side to meet the challenge. Her mastery of content strategy and her heart of a teacher make for a wonderful and winning dynamic. She is terrific about understanding what adds value to users and always fights for it. I welcome the opportunity to work with Kristen again. 

– Dale Kim, User Experience Lead, Huge (2015)


Hands down the smartest one in the room. Kristen not only has a love for storytelling and content, but an immense passion for new technology and style. The best work of my career to date has been because of working side by side with Kristen Green. Her expertise grows daily as her curiosity seems to constantly soak up knowledge. For Kristen "learn and share" is equivalent to "inhale and exhale". Out of anyone that I have ever worked with, Kristen is most likely to some day give a "TED Talk". I have been extremely lucky to witness only the catalyst of what Kristen will accomplish. 

– Bryan Moss, Creative Director, AKQA (2013)


Kristen is one of the most dependable people I've ever worked with, much less managed. Her unwavering personal responsibility and ownership not only means she meets deadlines without fail (even the insane ones) and creates meticulous deliverables that make clients swoon, but it extends to her professional development as well. 

Kristen takes her career seriously, and she makes it her business to stay informed the ever-changing state of content strategy and interactive design in general. She's well-read and fully dialed in to her professional community. So not only was she a low-maintenance, high-yield employee, she taught me several things along the way. 

But for me, one of the best things about working with Kristen is her contagious cheerfulness and sense of humor. She's a joy to spend your day with.

– Rosemary Williams, Sr Content Strategist, Razorfish (2014)

You could say that Kristen lives and breathes whatever project she is a part of. She always gives 120% to whatever task is assigned. She is such an asset to the USMC team and her insight into the industry is un-matched. She is forward-thinking, innovative, and pushes the envelope when the envelope needs pushing. Besides qualifications listed, she is such a pleasure to work with and I feel so lucky to have this lady on my team!

– Sarah McCollum, Account Executive, Ogilvy (2013)

Kristen is an absolute rockstar. She sticks to her guns and is willing to keep pushing her ideas through no matter how long it takes. KG's work-ethic is also something to admire.

– Chelsea Gattung, Digital Strategist, JWT (2013)

Kristen is a highly motivated individual, creative thinker and problem solver, whose energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She is genuinely passionate about her work and her clients, and it shows clearly in the work she produces. Faced with an incredibly difficult assignment of re-architecting the content strategy for our client's web properties, Kristen proved her expertise in delivering a well-executed, forward-thinking plan that brought new life to their websites and social communities.

– Katie Karp, Strategist, The Science Project (2012)

Kristen's attention to detail is the key ingredient to her success and the success of the projects that she works on. As a content strategist, Kristen immerses herself in her clients' needs and is able to find an opportunity in nearly all situations. I have never met a more dedicated team player or more eloquent project partner.

– Carlisle Hensley, Digital Analytics Manager, EVB (2012)

Kristen is a very methodical and thorough content strategist. She really dives deep into every content effort to ensure that the right strategy is being considered for every component of every web page. We leaned heavily on Kristen during the the Redesign project, as well as the integration of into a consolidated Marines site later in the year. She definitely doesn't have a problem working under pressure and tight deadlines. 

– Yoni Degani, Sr. Project Manager, AKQA (2012)

Kristen is an excellent example of an advertising professional. Kristen is extremely detail oriented, proactive and driven. She always goes above and beyond on projects assigned to her. Kristen has a sincere desire to make processes more effective and streamlined. Kristen also has a passion for branding and brings that knowledge to her team. I would highly recommend Kristen for any account management, branding or strategic planning position that she may pursue in the future.

– Adawndria Fisher, JWT (2009)

Kristen is a bright, creative, and focused professional who worked for my organization while a student in Journalism at the University of Georgia (UGA). During her service to the Information Technology Planning and Decision Support (ITPDS) team, Kristen developed into a resource that went well beyond what is often considered a "student" position. 

As we were building a methodology for the IT Core Service Planning Model at UGA, Kristen became an influential and valued resource who developed bench-marking strategies, built recommendations for inclusion in creating a supportable model, and provided valuable marketing suggestions as we communicated the plans to the organization. 

Organizations who are looking for colleagues who are both invested and who can "get things accomplished" will do well to consider including Kristen on their team.

– Gregory Topp, ITPDS, University of Georgia (2009)

It was a pleasure to work with Kristen on the Brain Train, a non-profit mass transit initiative that will connect Atlanta to Athens. During the course of this project she demonstrated a sharp intellect, a creative mind, and a positive attitude. Quite simply, she will be a great asset to any professional team.

– Chris Fedorczak, VP, Brand Planning Director, Cramer-Krasselt (2008)

Working with Kristen was always a pleasure. She's intelligent, creative, funny and a darn good content strategist! I was inspired by her drive and passion for content, as well as her natural ability to teach others. I can't say enough good things. She's a star in my book. 

– Ashley Ferrell, Content Strategist, IHG (2015)

When the search began to find Kristen Green's replacement at JWT, a colleague asked me what I wanted in a manager. I told him I wanted another Kristen Green. 

I couldn't ask for a better leader and mentor. Kristen made her expectations clear and her feedback was always thorough. Even though her own workload was immense, I always knew I could count on her to make the time for me when I needed guidance. Under her leadership I grew into a more confident and capable content strategist. I am so grateful for the lessons she taught me.

– Sydney Busby, Content Strategist, JWT (2013)

Kristen creates brilliant strategy recommendations that are on brand and on target for every project she is tasked. She usually knows more about the brand than the actual client. 

Kristen is an asset for any team and is a pleasure to work with. 

– Clint Keener, Art Director, JWT (2012)

There are content strategists, great content strategists, and then there's Kristen Green. 

Kristen is a key asset to the Marine Corps account and all those with whom she works. Her enthusiasm, unstoppable work ethic, and encyclopedic knowledge of this very complex brand help us execute work at the highest level. 

Her leadership, strategy, and guidance keep our team working like a well-oiled machine. Most of all, Kristen's a great person. I can't recommend her highly enough.

– Adam Hook, Copywriter, Huge (2012)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kristen on several client projects and have always been impressed with her knowledge of the latest facets of digital, social media and content strategy. She approaches each project with inexhaustible energy, immersing herself in the client’s needs and working with the team to do whatever is necessary to see the project through to a successful conclusion. I am happy to recommend Kristen. 

– Angie Trewhitt, Producer (2012)

Kristen is awesome... always two steps ahead and never skips a beat. She is great to work with as a strategist and an awesome person in general. I'd recommend her anytime!

– Mike Plymale, Art Director, Sagepath (2012)

The day that Kristen joined my team it was clear that she would quickly climb the ladder. She has a strong work ethic and performs under very high pressure situations with a positive attitude. I could always be confident that every project in her hands would be well managed. In addition to being proactive and meticulous in detail, she is a strategic thinker and brings tremendous value to everything she does. 

– Laurie Baskin, Group Account Director, 360i (2009)

Kristen is a problem-solver and a real team player. She has a continuous drive to proactively change daily processes and related documents for the better. Kristen quickly and efficiently manages and completes tasks assigned to her, and her keen attention to detail assures accuracy. I have fully enjoyed and appreciated working with Kristen and recommend her as a true asset to any team.

– Katie Betik, Interactive Project Manager, PAVOLOV Agency (2009)

Kristen Green is a dedicated professional with excellent skills in project management and marketing.

– Lynn Latimer WIlson, Associate CIO at University of Georgia (2009)

Kristen has an incredible number of highly desirable skill sets that will propel her forward in this industry. Her expertise lies in the use and application of new technology, not only from the account management side, but also from design standpoint. She is fully committed to expanding the realm of brand interaction and experience--and it is individuals like her that will lead us into the next era of advertising.

– Kirsten Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, Senior Lecturer of Advertising at UGA's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication (2008)