How to turn your big idea into an action plan in 5 days (Course & Workbook)

How to turn your big idea into an action plan in 5 days (Course & Workbook)


Do you dream of starting your own business?

Do you have an idea but aren't sure how to go from dreaming to doing? Have you been thinking about an idea for years but never knew how to put it into gear?

In this course, you'll work through a 5-day program to put a legit plan in place. While you'll dream big, this isn't a fluffy course focused on aspirations alone. You'll put dates on the calendar and start moving forward on your idea. You've waited long enough. Don't look back in 3 months and wish you had already gotten started. So bust a move and sign up today!

What you'll learn:

– How to clarify your idea
– How to define your long-term vision
– How to craft your short-term goals
– How to set up your timeline

What you'll get:

– Launch plan workbook
– 5-day email series to guide you step-by-step
– 15-minute video session to finalize your plan
– A reusable framework for all your future big idea

Success Stories: 

Launching a business, or any ‘big idea’ can feel extremely daunting and downright scary. My ‘big idea’ of launching a blog was something I had sat on and pondered over for years, prior to working with Kristen - with the main hurdle being taking that first initial step. Kristen’s 5-day course was the perfect resource to help me put pen to paper around what I was trying to achieve, what goals I should be working towards and ultimately what I needed to do to make my dream a reality. This guide is pure gold for someone who is looking to launch their own ‘big idea’!  – Megan Janus, Creator of Blooming Flourishes

Kristen has been an invaluable resource and support to me on my journey to starting my first non-profit. And my "big idea" would only be an idea if I didn't have her. If you have the opportunity or slightest inkling that you think Kristen is someone you would want to work with, or have as your consultant - the answer is always "yes." You and your business and big idea will forever be grateful for it.  – Sarah Carlson, Founder of Good for Goodness Sake 


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