Kristen took my “big idea” and helped me refine it down to a solid plan, creating stepping stones and key objectives for me to work against, which ultimately made my dream feel much more achievable.
— Megan Janus, Creator of Blooming Flourishes

Happy Clients


Kristen has been an invaluable resource and support to me on my journey to starting my first non-profit. She provides guidance when I need it most, and she's so very passionate about her work and helping others to make their dreams come to life. She's extremely smart, strategic, innovative, intuitive, and the list of descriptive positive adjectives goes on forever. Outside of her sheer brain power and pulse on the industry, she is one of the most genuine, kind, good-to-the-core people you will ever meet. She's a mentor to trust. A friend to lean on. And my "big idea" would only be an idea if I didn't have her. If you have the opportunity or slightest inkling that you think Kristen is someone you would want to work with, or have as your consultant - the answer is always "yes." You and your business and big idea will forever be grateful for it.

— Sarah Carlson, Founder of Good for Goodness Sake 

Hands down the smartest one in the room. Kristen not only has a love for storytelling and content, but an immense passion for new technology and style. The best work of my career to date has been because of working side by side with Kristen Green. Her expertise grows daily as her curiosity seems to constantly soak up knowledge. For Kristen "learn and share" is equivalent to "inhale and exhale". Out of anyone that I have ever worked with, Kristen is most likely to some day give a "TED Talk". I have been extremely lucky to witness only the catalyst of what Kristen will accomplish. 



When facing any digital project, Kristen is a teammate I'd want on my side to meet the challenge. Her mastery of content strategy and her heart of a teacher make for a wonderful and winning dynamic. She is terrific about understanding what adds value to users and always fights for it. I welcome the opportunity to work with Kristen again. 


Kristen's writing style is clear, conversational and compelling. She is extremely responsive to requests, she meets deadlines with ease and she can turn out articles quickly and accurately. If you're looking for a solid writer or employee, you've found her.